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Information Disclaimer

  1. Definitions
    1. Information - Information found on this site
    2. Vendor - Bronze Inc., employees, agents, subcontractors, representatives and assigns

  2. NO WARRANTIES, NO GUARENTEES, INFORMATION PROVIDED AS IS. The Vendor makes no warranties, nor guarentees in any way as to the Information. The Information is provided AS IS.

  3. Accuracy and Quality of the Information. The Vendor makes no claims as to the accuracy or quality of the Information. Be aware there are a variety of factors that contribute to bad Information, including: many different people provide Information, they are not trained on providing Information, they are located all over the world and may not be native English speakers, the Information changes frequently, people may forget to make changes when Information changes, people make mistakes, some people have bad intentions. Information is often inaccurate, and can be harmful and dangerous. Use your own judgement and check the source.

  4. Use the Information at Your Own Risk. The Vendor takes no responsibility for the use of the Information. The Information is sometimes wrong. For example, events have been listed at the wrong location or have been cancelled. People, based on this wrong Information, have shown up where no event was taking place. The possibility exists that people with bad intentions may publish Information or use the Information for harmful purposes that may be a danger to you. You are solely responsible for your use, or the use by any person under your care, of the Information. Contact the original source of the Information to confirm validity.

  5. Content of Information. The Vendor provides tools that people can use to exchange Information. The Vendor does not endorse or support any particular Information any more than the telephone company supports any particular conversation. The Vendor does not support offensive or illegal Information. The Content Guidelines forbid the use of offensive and illegal Information. However, it is possible, that either unintentionally or maliciously, offensive or illegal Information may appear. Contact the Vendor of any offensive or illegal Information.

  6. No Security. The Vendor makes no security checks on any of the Information. You must make your own security checks and are responsibile for your own security and safety. Use all the Information with caution and beware.



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