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Standard page top and bottom       Top

The top and bottom of most pages are the same. The links at the top and bottom go to the same pages.

When you are logged, you will see: an Admin link, your logon id in the top-middle, and a Not you link under your logon id.

On the help pages you will only see links to About and Help.

About       Top

Start with the About page for information about this site, including an overview, business opportunities and legal information.

Admin       Top

The Admin link has all the functions you can perform while you are logged on, such as managing your events, changing your account information and automating logon.

Help       Top

The Help link goes to specific help for the current page, if any, otherwise shows the help table of contents.

Home       Top

The Home link goes to the home page on which you can select an area and age group of interest. The Home link disappears from the top navigation bar, while you are on the home page, to make the initial appearance a little cleaner.

Links       Top

The Links link gives you a list of other sites of interest.

Not you       Top

When you are logged on with the wrong id, the Not you link helps you correct the problem.

Enter Event, Organization, Link       Top

These let you manage your events, organizations and links.

Copyright       Top

The Copyright link goes to the copyright notice.

Bronze Inc.       Top

The Bronze Inc. link goes to the Bronze Inc. web site.

Up (Top) arrow       Top

The up arrow goes to the top of each page. If the page has a table of contents, the up arrow returns there for quick navigation.





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