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  1. Introduction
  2. How to post events and organizations

Introduction       Top

You can post events for free.

You can enter events yourself, which posts your events immediately.

If you prefer, you may email your event information to . If you do not see your event posted within two weeks, or you are having problems getting email to go through, please call 561-368-2203. Note: due to the large volume of events, we do not guarentee that we will be able to enter your event for you.

How to post events and organizations       Top

Posting events is serious business because many people use the event listing to plan their schedule and trust that the information is legitimate. Before you can list events, you will need to register yourself and your organization.

Follow the instructions below and thank you for using

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  2. Display your organizations (will ask you to Register or Logon first)
    This will also let you register a new organization and enter events.
    Note: you can get to this page by clicking the Admin link in the top right after you logon.





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